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The boys in action

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Welcome to Jazz at the Red Hill Bakery


'The Legends' events scheduled for the 25th May has unfortunately been cancelled.


Happy Hour every Saturday 5 to 6 p.m. with this fine young concert pianist in the Gallery.

when do we play?

Silly Sunday Afternoons @ Balanarring Every Sunday 1pm til 4pm

Bookings: 03 5931 3125












the musicians


Denis Ball

Denis was a well known player on the Melbourne Jazz scene from the 1960's to 80's, performing with several prominent bands including The Yarra Yarra Jazz Band, the Jazzmakers, the Storyville Band, Frank Traynors Jazz Preachers and others. He left regular performance in the mid 80’s to concentrate on his profession as an Industrial Chemist, until his retirement in 2006.


Ron Sandilands

Ron is a legendary drummer who has performed on the long running television shows: Hey Hey It's Saturday, the Bert Newton, Don Lane and Ernie Sigley Shows. He was also the drummer in the ABC Show Band. Ron has also been part of the music behind such films as Phar Lap, the Mad Max Movies, the Man from Snowy River and Crocodile Dundee. He was also the musical director of 'Hair'!

Click here if you would like to view an interview that Ron did with 'Wrokdown', after performing with the boys at the Red Hill Bakery one Sunday afternoon.

Double Bass

Leon Heale is one of Melbourne's best and hardest-worked bass players. He has toured with James Morrison in the early nineties and Leon has worked on some late night talk shows with Joe Chindamo.


Hearing Fats Waller in 1955 ruined Kim Harris' prospects of a career in classical music. Kim has steadily widened his influences and repertoire over 50 years to become a widely respected jazz pianist on the Melbourne jazz scene.

(Reference: His daughter Anita's website

Vocals and Trumpet

Ray Johns is the leader of this great bunch of musos. He is also the Baker in the 'Redhill Baker'. Ray has been making artisan bread for many years now, first at Redhill and now at Balnarring. He loves his bread, his wife, his daughters, his grand-daughters, his grand-sons, his boat, his wine and his trumpet. The order is up for debate.